The Stone Collection


Why stone?

Slate stone has such a presence aesthetically so we set out to bring it into the fold and find a way to forge it with our array of salvaged materials, the possibilities are endless and that makes us pretty excited about what lies ahead. 

The process used by our stone supplier has been perfected over 30 years so that different stones can be harvested in thin sheets, showing off their product in the best possible manner while cutting down on the amount of stones carved out of the ground. They preserve on a large scale while procuring a high quality product.

The frames are reenforced with our flax fibre composite technique and finished with a natural sealant to ensure longevity.

Below are examples of the two types of arms we are producing in our "Stone Collection". Click through to the "You Choose We Create" section and dream up your ideal frame & material combination, then allow us to craft a truly unique possession for you.


Terra Rosso Slate

The Terra Rosso has a staggeringly beautiful shade of purple coming through the stone sheeting. The combination of our Salvaged Stringy Bark merges elegantly with the natural colour and texture of the stone. 


Molto Rosa Slate

The Molto Rosa is a grey slate with marbled brown swirls, we mixed it with our Salvaged Iron Bark, the combination captures a distinct allure that sets the product apart.