The Process



Our arm pieces are made from salvaged Australian hardwoods. We seek out aged lumber to transform and highlight the beauty of the wood into a timeless possession. The hardwoods are acquired from various sources including old bridges, fence posts, driftwood and discarded quality pieces that have stood the test of time in harsh conditions.

We strip back the aged timber and select pieces with the best character. 


One major source of inspiration for launching Veiga was the innovative companies around the world that are inventing and introducing natural alternatives. By using these alternatives not only are we showcasing natural materials, but we are contributing to a sustainable future. At Veiga, we work alongside these companies, transforming their materials into a functional fashion product - eyewear. 

Flax fibre is used to strengthen our temple arm piece. We choose this material as it is a relatively fast growing plant that uses minimal resources to process from crop to bio-composite material. Flax is a lightweight structural component that increases not only the aesthetics but the durability and lifespan of our products.

The cellulose acetate used for the frames is derived from wastage streams such as pulp extracted from wood fibres. It is 100% bio-degradable and can be composted through an industrial facility. The translucent material is forged with natural pigments and recycled off-cuts of acetate, then rolled out into sheets to be cut, bent and formed into designs. Each sheet produced is different in appearance and contributes to the allure of the design once combined with other agents such as stone, timber, cork and flax fibres. 



Once we have all of the natural components, each creation endures a week-long process of shaping, crafting and sealing before they are tested. It is a labor of love as we transform these elements into unique products.