Paper Collection


A glimpse into the makings of our "Paper Collection"

At Veiga, we try to think outside the box of conventional and look towards new and invigorating ways to develop products.

Our collaboration with Richlite focuses on innovating eyewear frames from their stand out material. The versatility and strength of a material derived from recycled paper would seem somewhat of a novelty without much of a future. However, we truly believe that there's a place for it alongside some of the great and traditional sources such as horn and acetate.

The aesthetics of such a product will convince customers and professionals alike that paper in eyewear is here to stay and belongs in its own respected space in the industry. This is why we've been building towards a strong partnership with Richlite in the hope and belief that paper composites can substitute harsh materials out there and also add a new frontier for high-end sustainable eyewear.

Our frames are developed utilising bio-resins fused with recycled paper, flax fibre and reclaimed Australian hardwoods from sources such as submerged lumber from Tasmanian Lakes and aged farm posts.